Alzheimer's Care

Approximately two thirds of those suffering from this disease are cared for at home by family, usually a spouse.  As the disease progresses it carries with it a tremendous burden both physically and psychologically on the family members who are doing the care giving.  That is why it is vital that the family access community support systems It is extremely important that the family care giver seek outside help so that they don't become ill from the strain of care giving as the disease progresses.

Too often the strain becomes intolerable for a spouse/loved one trying to cope all alone at home with their loved one who is suffering from Alzheimer's and they themselves have a physical or mental breakdown.  There should be no shame or guilt in seeking respite care By doing so a family can delay having to place their loved one in a care facility.  

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Specializes in services for the intellectual disabled as well as elderly individuals. We earn your trust, one visit at a time.

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